Study project in collaboration with the Israeli Embassy in the Czech Republic, visually captures the lasting friendship between the Czech Republic and Israel through graphic postcards. 

The postcards are built from vector illustrations and each postcard symbolizes a certain support of the Czech Republic to the State of Israel.

First place winner in a design competition at the Israeli Embassy in the Czech Republic for posters expressing Israel’s gratitude to the Czech Republic.

Key Messages

The project conveys messages of strengthening bonds, providing protection, and fostering friendship between the Czech Republic and Israel.


The Open Sans font was chosen for its clean, modern aesthetic, while the background is packed with detail, the font stands out. 

The slogan is IZRAEL DĚKUJE – “”ישראל אומרת תודה””


Background in shades of gray and dark blue- provides a dark feeling, while the incorporation of blue, white, and red at the center represents the national colors of Israel and the Czech Republic, symbolizing unity and friendship.”

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